Saturday, February 05, 2011

It might as well be a mile (poem)

we sit up in bed
the bed that should be cradling the love we share
enveloping our wanting, tender bodies
while we spark and flame in the dark

these machines
the same ones that
brought us together
and became our glue
for those wanting, breathless years

they have turned on us
now they allow us to avoid each other
steel and circuits turned to chasm,
how in the hell did this happen?

So arrogant, I would never
have believed that we
would end up like them
not even for one day or one night

And here we sit
in this bed
staring into these screens

And all I want
is for you to put that machine over there
hold me close
whisper that you don’t ever want to be like them
like all the others

take the safest risk of all
how is it you can’t see me,
i am right here.

And though we are only about 14 inches apart
it might as well be a mile, tonight.

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