Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fly Away (a song)

I fail myself
almost every day
it's more tempting all the time
to just give up and fly away

It is what it is,
this heart that is mine
these thoughts that live in my home
how kind they could be
if they would leave me alone
leave me alone

I fail my love
almost every day
he thinks I am beautiful
he doesn't see the pain
and he rarely feels the rain

It is what it is
this heart that wanders now
through every European city
wishing for a life
that she doesn't lead but
once did

what happened to that girl?
How did I get here?
How can I get out?
I remember now, I can't. I won't.

In that smile, that laughter
it's worth it every day
I bet I fail him too
I try to be the sun
I try to be the moon for him
the steady beating of his mother's love
I can't beat from afar
so I am here.

I fail myself
almost every day
it's tempting
to give up
and fly away.