Saturday, February 17, 2007

Prayer Flags (a poem)

The sun dappled the earth
and I stood there, trembling.
letting go is so tricky,
the timing matters so much.

I stood there in the morning light,
light which once caressed
our morning bodies
as we made love on your bed.

Holding prayer flags in my mouth
so I could use my whole being to gain height,
I rose with effort to the uppermost limbs
and paused to look over the landscape of my heart.

Viewing the crater left by your loving,
I estimated it would take some time
to fill in, for new seeds to take root,
but eventually, flora would thrive again.

With effort, I rose higher into the tree,
the tree I knew it was time to climb --
and, tears falling from my face
but with the same tenacity
with which I love you, I freed myself.

I tied the flags, the wind took them,
fluttering colors of strong and enduring wanting,
colors of the taste of your mouth and the smell of your skin,
the sky matched your eyes.

I prayed my prayers,
please take him,
please take him.

The wind heard me
and in an instant, my heart unclenched
opened to the sky, prayers flew to God,
that I could breathe again.