Wednesday, September 09, 2009

butterfly's view (poem)

he moved toward her
with a question and an answer

his hand traced her heart
or was he knocking on its door?

the corners of her rose-colored lips
turned up as he caressed the porcelain surface
of this delicate creature

his face leaned to hers
their lips met
the fullness of his enveloping hers
claiming her completely

he left her face and
began his journey down the expanse
of the land that was her body,
his new home

she began to sing
her songs of doves and moonlight
of waves and water

returning to her mouth,
eyes open, he offered his
passion with his tongue
and she accepted both
with a desiring murmur

his body blanketed hers
his backside clenching and releasing
with every thrust into the precious creature
willingly trapped beneath his body

This was the view of the butterfly perched on the
heavy, dark beams of this
bedroom of fire and laughter
of tears and anger
of joy and always love,
this bedroom of desire
of freedom and whispers
of delight and truth.