Friday, October 02, 2009

We Weave Together ( a poem)

We weave together
then you
and you
and finally me.

Each of us
a thread
of a different texture;

Diamond sparkles fill my lungs
when you laugh,
did you know?

Did you know that when I count my blessings
I count you thrice?

Did you know that 1 + 1 + 1 +
all of us equals
more peace and love than you can imagine?

Did you know?
When one of our hearts shatters into
the proverbial million pieces,
we all get on our hands and knees
with tiny mini-mag lites
and search and search
until we find ALL the pieces
and we hand them back to the broken one
until he or she is whole again?

We weave together
a warm blanket for when you are cold.
What do you need?
A shoulder?
an ear?
a heart?
a friend to ask how you are --
a friend who really wants the real answer?

This cloth is all of that.

Weave together,
grass green,
blood red,
saffron yellow,
lyra's kitchen orange
bermuda short plaid

We call it Odonata.
Yes, it's quite beautiful, isn't it?

Come and weave.

The Moment After (a song)

Is it all the things we do
can't we do them faster?
Is it all the things we lose,
and is that such a disaster?

What are the moments
that make your
heart beat faster
is it this or that we do
or is it
the moment after?

Is it sweet sounds intertwining
and whispered breathy sighs?
Is it songs sung in darkness
those precious lullabies?

What are the moments
that make your heart beat faster
is it words we speak or sing
or is it
the moments after?

That's when promises are kept
when tears of joy and sorrow wept,
when the truth has been revealed
and when the wound is healed.

Is it the circle in the pond
when the stone is tossed?
Is it the letting go that comes
when the bridge finally crossed?

To be sure live passion and fire
in the times our hearts beat faster
but there's a quiet sort of flame
that goes on burning
in the moment after.