Wednesday, February 06, 2008

When I Am Old and Wise (a song)

When I am old and wise,
when the years melt away disguise,
when light illuminates freckled alabaster skin,
will I be there, will I have learned to let the sun in?

When this heart has walked a million miles,
and I count the fears and the tearful smiles,
when it all starts to fade, slowly rosy blue,
will I share a gentle, fiery bed with you?

When the ocean comes to carry me away,
there is no sorrow left and only days of play,
whispers echo on the moonlit waves at night,
shooting stars carry delicate messages of light.

When this old heart has walked a million miles,
and learned to breathe deeply and smile ancient smiles,
every day we'll walk holding hands and kissing
young lovers think "what do they have that we are missing?"

When I am old and very, very wise,
when sunset illuminates these green eyes,
I'll shine everything I've learned to be,
a sparkling prism of white love, that will be me.