Thursday, June 25, 2009

Perchance To Dream (song)

Could you dream,
perchance to dream
of kisses faded by the past?
Could you dream of lovers lost,
forever parted from your grasp?
Could you dream,
sweet violet dreams,
that every day forever lasts?

Could you dream
of your small child,
laughing like the summer sun?
Could you wish for one more day,
when laughter was a cause to run?
Could you dream
perchance to dream
that his pure heart is never broken?

Could you dream
a sepia-colored dream,
when you were small
and love was yours?
Could you dream
a clear blue dream,
that it is still as you believed?
Could you live,
perchance to live
in this moment, on this day?
Can you see, can you breathe in,
that it's all yours anyway?

Could you dream,
perchance to dream,
that all is well,
and you are love?