Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Library (poem)

Walk the stacks
skim the shelves
search for tales
known so well

what you read
is up to you
will you choose
as lovers do?

thoughts will write
the tale of us
pick the words
heart, heat and lust

within the spines
the new, the old
ancient whispers
lives retold

within one’s power
to keep on reading
or sigh
decide that it was fleeting

I pause and draw a volume down
the cover set with jeweled crowns
a million stars
a moonlit night
my lover’s lips within my sight

I turn the page and laugh
pick up a pen and graph
trajectory of these two hearts
pages ripping, stops and starts

the rest will be of our own making
what blaze of glory, what fate creating
what task, what faith, to love and wait
the writing of our story, great.