Sunday, August 26, 2007

Will You Take This Heart? (a song)

Will you take this heart, as day spins into day?
Will you take this heart, though frightened words we say?
Over lonesome miles, over shining years
through the glowing smiles, through the rain of tears,
Will you take this heart?

New day whispers now, roads lead to us somehow,
fresh sun streaming in, wakes desire again,
no matter what we said, as we laid down in bed,
your body shelters mine, nothing else could feel as fine,
Will you take this heart of mine?

Always hold me close, hold the light that matters most,
all my armour now is gone, carried for too long
I see into your brown, and you can fall into my green,
sending laughter and a kiss, can we always feel like this?
Will you take this heart?