Monday, December 07, 2009

Don't Forget To Look

Once you see people, beneath the surface, once you really get them to talk, it's amazing what you hear from each and every soul walking the earth.
If you can really be Present with someone, really look them in the heart . . .the beauty is endless.
Sometimes when I'm walking through the airport, which I do almost every month, I look at all the travelers walking to their flights and I think about all their stories, their histories,
their desires to paint or write or raise chickens or sail the oceans of the world, you know?
I look for the Love in them
even and especially in those that don't seem to possess it. It is there. We have to look for it.
It is there.
It's breathtaking when you open your eyes to another being that way.
Most of us only do it when we fall in love
then we forget to Look at our loved one, or anyone, once the newness wears off.

Don't forget to Look.

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