Saturday, January 19, 2008

I Watch You Breathe (a song)

I rarely find the words to talk about my son. All of them seem so inadequate. This song sang itself to me on a bus from Logan Airport the other day and I was grateful for it.

I Watch You Breathe

I held you when you could not walk
I held you when you could not see
I watched you learn to crawl
and hoped you'd be what you could be

Never felt joy so shimmering gold
as when you smiled at me
in the night when I couldn't sleep
I would watch you breathe

Someone knew what they were doing
when I was handed you
you're the colors of the rainbow
the world in those eyes bright blue

And I know I'll never get this right
I can only try
my gold statue might never come,
but I sang the world's best lullaby

Can I teach you all the things
you need to live in peace?
Let your heart fly south for winter's warmth
like a thousand dark gray geese

I never feel a joy so shining gold
as when you laugh with me
and when I can not sleep at night
I still watch you breathe

Yes, when I want the world to stop
I still watch you breathe.

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